Оur summer achievements

06 September 2017

In Russia, September 1 marks the beginning of another academic year. For some parents who take their child to school for the first time, this day is filled with joy; for others it will be a graduation year; some people may associate this day with the beginning of autumn and the end of the holiday season. For many people, this period is often a starting point to draw up plans and set new goals.

We would also like to brief you on our summer achievements and share with you some news!

During the summer period, like in the previous spring period, our main focus was on training. At the same time, this period was marked by two notable events: preparation and implementation of the new seminar "Taxation and Assessment of Tax Risks", and work on video tutorials - a new training format.

With the seminar "Structuring a loan transaction based on the results of financial analysis; Decision-making in the lending business”, we completed the summer round of seminars, and of course, we continued our efforts to increase the number of certified specialists all over Russia striving to meet our plan. During three summer months, we held three certification sessions. And although summer is traditionally a holiday season, more than 100 specialists joined the ranks of our certificate-holders. We would like to thank all the participants of the summer certification sessions and congratulate those who passed the tests successfully.  We would also like to remind those who failed on the first attempt that they can sign up for a retest and we earnestly recommend them to refresh their knowledge by revising the e-textbooks and making self-tests!

And now we would like to talk about our new training format – Video Tutorials.

In the middle of July, we published the first three videos, followed by preparation and recording of another five video tutorials. Thus, we are happy to announce that eight video tutorials are now available on the KSP. The topics were selected by our consultants based on requests received from you at seminars or through correspondence; we also took into account the aspects that caused difficulty in the course of learning or testing. Each topic is presented in a clear manner easy for understanding and is supplemented by plenty of visual images. All videos are devoted to the various aspects of financial and economic analysis of SMEs and are supplied with explanations, supplementing the content of the e-textbooks.

Videos on the following eight topics are now available on the platform: "Net profit margin", "Financial stability ratio", "Balance sheet and its structure by sector", "Structural analysis of a cash flow statement”, "Financial and economic analysis of accounts receivable and accounts payable turnover ratio "," Comparative equity analysis"," Break-even point", and "Financial safety margin of a business”, a topic closely related to the previous one.

All video tutorials are available for registered users in the "Tutorials" section of our Platform. To make a preview of the videos, please go to the following link.

Like e-textbooks, the video tutorials are accessible round the clock. You are free to choose your learning time which suits you best.  All you need to have is access to the Internet.

Watch our video tutorials, read our e-textbooks, take your tests, get your Certificates! Share this opportunity with your colleagues! Make the best of the material offered and it will help you to be more efficient in your work with SME clients!!!

As for us, we will continue to work on our training courses with the same enthusiasm!