The training materials in a new format – “Video Tutorials”.

20 June 2017

The EBRD-RSBF consultants prepared training materials in a new format – “Video Tutorials”. 

New video tutorials will be added to the series of learning videos on a regular basis. All videos are available for users registered in the “Learning” section of the Platform.

The video tutorials are devoted to the various aspects of financial and economic analysis of SMEs, provide the necessary explanations and tools for the assessment of data obtained from clients and for taking well-grounded credit decisions.

We are happy to present our first three video tutorials on the following topics:

1) “Net profit margin”

2) “Financial leverage ratio”

3) “Balance sheet and its structure for different sectors.

For announcements about publication of new video tutorials, please go to this link. The complete versions of video tutorials are available in the “Learning” section.