About certification

In November 2015, the EBRD Russia Small Business Fund launched a process of certification of its partner banks' credit specialists on the Knowledge-Sharing Platform.
The certification process gives all employees of the EBRD-RSBF partner banks the opportunity to check their knowledge of the fundamentals of the EBRD lending technology, which is a prerequisite for the financial and economic analysis of small business entities. For the managers of the partner banks, this means that - in addition to the current on-line learning and thematic testing features of the Platform - there is now a tool to test their staff's knowledge of the EBRD lending technology.

To qualify for the certificate, candidates must pass the EBRD-RSBF Certification test, a comprehensive on-line test in the Training module of the Learning section, which can be accessed through the main menu of the Knowledge-Sharing Platform. Each candidate who passes the test will be awarded a certificate of completion, confirming his/her knowledge of the methodology used in financial and economic analysis of small businesses.

Certification tests are available on a monthly basis. Employees of the partner banks have the right to apply for one certification testing session at their own convenience. Each session covers a seven-day time span - from Monday to Sunday, inclusive - during which the test can be taken.

The enrolment process starts not later than three weeks before the beginning of each testing session. The number of participants who can enrol for one testing session is limited. In case there are no vacancies for the nearest session, each candidate will have the opportunity to apply for another testing period.

By applying for a test, a candidate confirms that he/she has familiarised him/herself with the Certification Conditions and undertakes to provide true personal data and not to disclose the content of the test.

For more information about the Certification, please visit the section "About Certification" on our Knowledge Sharting Platform.

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