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Two training events held by the RSBF in June

27 June 2016

In June 2016, the RSBF held two training events: 

  • "Training: “First interview with a potential client.” – June 22
  • "Seminar: “Structuring a loan based on financial analysis. Decision-making in the lending business.” – June 23-24. 

Interview with a banker. About small business development trends in Russia

14 April 2016

An interview with Ivan Alymov, chief analyst of the Credit Risk Division of the Corporate Credit Risk Department of Rosbank, has been published in the ”Documents” section of the platform.

The text of the interview includes excerpts from a discussion which took place between Ivan Alymov and Heike Nonnenberg, EBRD-RSBF coordinator, this March. Readers will learn about the banker’s opinion on small business development trends, changes in banks’ approaches to serving the segment, as well as effects of the crisis on the current rules of work with customers.